Published Articles

Two Notions of Resemblance and the Semantics of 'What it's Like'

--With Daniel Stoljar, Inquiry, forthcoming -- on PhilPapers

Ramsification and the Ramifications of Prior's Puzzle

--Noûs, forthcoming -- on PhilPapers, Published Version

The Many-Property Problem is Your Problem, Too

--Philosophical Studies, forthcoming -- on PhilPapers, Published Version

An Empirical Solution to the Puzzle of Macbeth's Dagger

--Erkenntnis, forthcoming -- on Philpapers, Published Version

A New Perceptual Adverbialism 

--Journal of Philosophy, 116 (8): 413-446. 2019, on PhilPapers, Published Version

Semantic Verbs are Intensional Transitives, 

--Mind, 128 (509): 213-248. 2019, on PhilPapers, Published Version

Articles Under Review

Prior's Puzzle Generalized -- on PhilPapers

A Theory of Manipulative Speech -- on PhilPapers


Depictive Verbs and the Nature of Perception -- on PhilPapers

Perceptual Consciousness and Intensional Transitive Verbs 

(with Daniel Stoljar)

Vendler's Puzzle about Imagination

(with Daniel Stoljar)

Articles in Progress

On Manipulation via Underspecification

Orwellian Communication

The Pragmatics of Slogans

On Political Speech and Spurious Agreement

Imaginative Perspective (with Daniel Stoljar)

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Slides for "A Theory of Manipulative Speech"

Slides for "On Manipulative Underpsecification"