Published Articles

Ramsification and the Ramifications of Prior's Puzzle

Forthcoming in Noûs -- on PhilPapers

The Many-Property Problem is Your Problem, Too

Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies -- on PhilPapers

An Empirical Solution to the Puzzle of Macbeth's Dagger

Forthcoming in Erkenntnis -- on Philpapers, Published Version

A New Perceptual Adverbialism, Journal of Philosophy, 116 (8): 413-446. 2019.   

-- on PhilPapers, Published Version

Semantic Verbs are Intensional Transitives, Mind, 128 (509): 213-248. 2019.   

-- on PhilPapers, Published Version

Articles in Progress

Orwellian Communication

A Theory of Manipulative Speech

Imagining How (with Daniel Stoljar)

Articles Under Review

Depictive Verbs and the Nature of Perception

(Under Review) -- on PhilPapers

Prior's Puzzle Generalized

(Under Review) -- on Philpapers

On the Resemblance Account of 'What it's Like'

(with Daniel Stoljar, Under Review) 

Perceptual Consciousness and Intensional Transitive Verbs 

(with Daniel Stoljar, Under Review)

Curriculum Vitae

Justin D'Ambrosio

9 Fellows Rd

Coombs Building 

School of Philosophy, RSSS

Australian National University


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